What is the science behind the Functional Activator?

Developed by highly qualified dentists, the Functional Activator is the result of years of knowledge. Breathing through the mouth drops the lower jaw and pushes the tongue back, which creates a forward head posture and a narrowing of the airways. The Functional Activator holds the tongue to the palate, thus facilitating breathing through the nose. Proper range of motion is restored and the body is better oxygenation. This triple action helps air circulation and increases V02Max. 

Is there science to back up this theory?

The professionals have spoken, and the research is clear, nose breathing is the correct and most optimal way to breathe. Close to 80 percent of the Western population breathes incorrectly with habits such as shallow breathing and breathing through the mouth instead of the nose. Breathing through the mouth deprives the body of nitric oxide, thus reducing oxygen to the cells. Nasal breathing (as opposed to mouth breathing) increases circulation, blood oxygen, and carbon dioxide levels, slows the breathing rate, and improves overall lung volumes.

How will this help me?

Anyone can benefit from nose breathing and better alignment. When breathing through the mouth, your head moves forward to open up the airways. From a postural standpoint, your center of gravity is pushed forward. This can cause a myriad of symptoms, including lower back pain and chronic inflammation. Proper alignment of the jaws allows proper head posture and better oxygen flow.

Can this be used for contact sports?

No. The Functional Activator is designed to help you breath through the nose. It is not designed to lock your jaw in a non-physiological position.


Can it be used to improve my performance?

Yes! The Functional Activator can benefit you in every sport. With increased oxygen intake, your will find yourself better in many aspects of your sports life. You will have more energy, heightened lung capacity, decreased recuperation time and improved strength.

How does this compare to a 2$ mouthguard at Walmart?

The mouthguard that you buy at a retail store does the exact opposite of the Functional Activator. It does not promote nasal breathing; instead, it might decrease your performance and make your body alignment worse. These mouthguards do not account for tongue posture, and they put your jaws in a non-physiological state.